Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington by Lynda Durrant

This is the story of Ariel Bradley, a 9-year-old boy, who served as a spy for General Washington during the Revolutionary War in 1776. He pretended to be a country bumpkin, or a "Johnny Raw" in 18th century terminology, and rode into enemy territory, pretending to be lost and in desperate need of directions, reporting back to Washington about how many soldiers and how much equipment the enemy had. This helped Americans to win the Battle of the White Plains in New York State in 1776.

It's a beautiful story that demonstrates how a child can be brave and helpful for a cause he holds dear. I enjoyed the story very much, and the artwork was magnificent! Who knows? We might all be in a very different country if it weren't for this child's courage and determination. This book makes a great history lesson for children, fun and easy to read.

I received a digital version of this book free from Net Galley for the purpose of reviewing.

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