Monday, July 7, 2014

Semmant by Vadim Babenko is the story of a genius who finds it hard to live in a world of ordinary humans (reminded me of Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory). He has a tough time connecting with others in a sincere, meaningful way. So he creates a computer program that is self aware, Semmant. He enjoys observing Semmant as he develops almost like a parent/child relationship, but also like an externalized version of himself. Meanwhile, our hero goes on looking for love in all the wrong places until the climax when both he and Semmant have to decide how they will answer true love's demand for complete honesty.

The author is a genius. His prose is beautifully written. This is a very cerebral read, and even though I felt a large portion of it went right over my head (as I'm no genius myself), I still enjoyed it and felt I was peering into a true lover's soul.

However, this book is rated R. Sex is one of the ways the main character searches for love, and the sex scenes are explicitly detailed. If this makes you uncomfortable, this book might not be for you.

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